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Women's Plant Medicine & Wellness Retreat
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
April 15 - 21, 2023

Please join us for plant medicine and wellness retreat at the beautiful "Natural Mystic Retreat Center" located at Hotel Caribe Town in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. We will be exploring a mix of healing modalities that come from deep within the Amazon, African, and Hawaiian cultures. This is an offering for seekers and practitioners of all levels. This event is a collaboration, of whom the facilitators have been on a lifelong journey working on healing, song, plant medicines, and a variety of wellness modalities. This retreat will feature 2 days of Ayahuasca served within the traditions of Santo Daime, a Cacao ceremony, yoga, breath work, sound bath, and wildlife excursions.  It is our hope that you will you uncover greater depths of healing in your spirit, and find rest and rejuvenation along the sunny coastline beaches.  You will be able to breathe in the lush jungle air, encounter captivating wildlife, taste delicious Caribbean foods, immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture, listen to local live music,  and more!  

The Practitioners

Judea Lynch 


Judea is an intuitive energy healer and sound therapist living on the island of Kauai.  She has been working with and continuously deepening her study of the healing power of sound for over 20 years. Much of her intuitive work is focused around addressing pathways of flow in the soul matrix and helping those who work with her to dispel, transform, move, and integrate energies for deeper healing.  She has had a talent for understanding and composing music since childhood and can play a wide variety of instruments with grace and finesse.  Her sound journeys create a supportive container for exploring aspects of self with non-judgment, compassion, and clarity, and gently carry one back home to their grounded center, with a new found sense of completion, alignment, wisdom, and inner peace.  She is also one of the hosts of Spirit Speakers Podcast, a show that shares with listeners insight on a variety of topics from two different psychic vantage points.  It offers a wealth of knowledge and guidance about how to manage and develop intuitive gifts.


Jana Nicol Luz 

Jana has been working within  the healing arts for almost  30 years. She has worked very closely with her mentors over the past 25 years in the lineage of the Santo Daime, Umbandaime and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. She has been leading in facilitating spiritual works with plant medicine for the past 10 years within her spiritual community of Kauai. Some of her teachers include Madrinha Rita Gregorio de melo (Santo Daime) Madrinha Júlia (Santo Daime) Mãe Baixinha (Umbanda) Maria Alice (Umbandaime), mother Cedella Marley booker (mother of Bob Marley/ Rastafari), Aunty Margaret Machado and Nerita Machado (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi) 

Cires Beija Mar Herr 

Cires was born native Amazon, first generation in the community Ceu do Mapia  in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. She was born into the lineage of Santo Daime and was given her name at birth by the great spiritual leader Padrinho Sebastiao Mota de Melo  and her grandmother Madrinha Cristina.  She comes from a royal line deep with in the Amazon.  There is a deep reverence and respect for her grandparents and parents who are great spiritual leaders. Cires is a wealth of knowledge, a spiritual warrior, and one of the top singers in her spiritual lineage. She was also the first one in her family to receive a full education, and is continuing her education in the United States.  She’s lived in the U.S. for the past nine years. Cires is a spiritual coach, wisdom keeper, health advocate and kambozeira  (one who applies Kambo medicine). She brings with her some amazing medicine harvested by her family in the Amazon forest.

Karilily McLure

Karilily discovered yoga & Breathwork through a mind-body balance program at her high school in Portland, OR at the age of 16.  She strengthened her practice and way of life by engaging in yoga, breathwork  & dance instructor trainings, classes & workshops worldwide. She has been hosting her own destination retreats since 2010 and is now hosting space for other retreat leaders to gather with their groups & yoga teacher trainings,  at her family owned and operated eco lodge on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. She developed her own signature style that is taught from her heart. Soul Flow…  a journey of the soul flowing the living temple of the human body,  connecting  to spirit thru breath. She combines the classic practices of Hatha yoga fluid vinyasa flow and yin restorative postures woven together with alignment principals and deep pranayama (breathwork) practices. The sessions open with transcendental meditation and close with sound healing shivasana.

Tentative Schedule



9:00 am

Pickup at Adventure Inn in San Jose.  It is a 4.5 hour drive to Puerto Viejo. There will be an hour long stop for lunch along the way. Enjoy the scenery of Costa Rica!


4:00 pm

After check in and getting situated in your rooms, orientation will be at the yoga deck. We will have introductions, go over safety protocols, what to expect for the week, provide local information, sign up for Kambo, spa treatments or other offerings, and answer questions.  There will also be an introduction to plant medicine talk and flower essences from the amazon will be offered at this time for you to work with during the week.  


6:00 pm

Across from the retreat center a delicious dinner will be provided at Noa's accompanied by Calypso music to help us unwind from all the traveling it took to get to Puerto Viejo.  The rest of the evening is open to do as you please in or around the hotel area.  Please be mindful of excess noise during the evening hours near the bungalows for other retreat attendees who like quiet time and rest.




7:00 am

Light morning breakfast.  Juice, tea, water, and fruit.


7:30 am

Soul Flow Yoga with Karilily


9:00 am

Breakfast/brunch provided on site.


10:00 am

Shuttle pick up to Lani's chocolate farm. There will be a 3 hour tour of a local cacao farm where we will experience what it takes to grow and process cacao.  A light lunch will be provided at the farm.


2:00 pm

Enjoy your afternoon exploring the local beaches, shops, and food establishments to find a place you want to have dinner. Meals range from $5 - $20 depending on what type of food your craving.  There are inexpensive food cart type offerings or resort like restaurants in the area. There is a bicycle and motorbike rental across the street to make exploration more fun. Rent a snorkel or surfboard. Sit by the pool, take a nap in a hammock. Journal or read a book.  This is also a great time to book a massage, spa treatment, or other offerings.  Follow your bliss!


6:30 pm

Cacao ceremony with a local indigenous shaman.  Bring yoga mats, and comfortable clothing.





5:00 am

Sunrise plant medicine ceremony at the beach.  We will open our ceremony at the beach invoking the cleansing power of water. Embracing the force of mother Lemanja, the queen of the sea. We call this the work of Madrugada - sunrise ceremony. Please wear white/light colored clothing.  Bring water.  Legs and arms covered (a scarf or sarong is fine). Bring a blanket, towel, or yoga mat, an extra layer for the cooler morning, and swimsuit if you would like to jump in the water after.  This first ceremony will be a more gentle integration, meant to bring everyone into communion with the medicine in preparation for deepening the work as we go.


9:00 am

Breakfast provided on site.


11:00 am

Continuation of plant medicine ceremony and sound bath with Judea.  During this part we will also be working with plant medicines, flower essences and other modalities.  Lunch will be skipped today, but a fruit/snack plate will be offered after the ceremony.


6:00 pm

Dinner provided on site.  After dinner is open time for inner reflection.  Please be gentle with yourself





7:00 am

Light morning breakfast.  Juice, tea, water, and fruit.

7:30 am

YIN Yoga & Chakra Sound Meditation with Judea


9:00 am

Breakfast/brunch provided on site.


10:00 am

Optional Kambo ceremony with Cires at the Yoga Deck.  Please drink 2 liters of water before arriving.


2:00 pm

Late lunch provided on site.

4:30 pm

Plant medicine ceremony at the yoga deck. Please wear white/light colored clothing. Legs and arms covered.  This ceremony will go into the evening so dinner will be skipped.  Fruit/snack plate will be offered after the ceremony.




7:00 am 

Light morning breakfast.  Juice, tea, water, and fruit.

8:00 am

Soul Flow yoga with Karililly

9:30 am

Breakfast/brunch provided on site.

10:00 am

Explore the area and enjoy the beach.  You will find your own lunch.  This is also a great time to book a treatment at the spa or other offerings.  Be sure to be back at the retreat center and ready by 2:15 pm.

2:30 pm

Parrot Sanctuary excursion.  Its feeding time at the parrot sanctuary and it will be a sight to see!  

5:00 pm

Find yourself dinner at one of the many food establishments.

6:30 pm

Breathwork with Karililly

8:00 pm

New moon fire ritual on the beach.





7:00 am

Breakfast provided at hotel


8:00 am

Pick up for Dolphin tour.  


12:00 pm

Open afternoon to enjoy yourself.


5:00 pm

Final dinner at a local restaurant.




7:00 am

Last breakfast at hotel.


8:00 am

Meet on yoga deck for group shares, final reflections, and good byes.


9:00 am

Check out of hotel, shuttle pick up at 9:00 am to go back to Adventure Inn in San Jose. Approximate arrival by 3:00 pm.

A Message From Judea

(Please watch before booking)

Booking Policy
(Read carefully before booking)

$2500 Per Person

There will be a $500 deposit at booking.

(You must be at least 18 years of age to attend)


There is a non-refundable $500 deposit (once you have submitted medical history forms, completed your interview, and have been officially accepted to participate, your deposit becomes non-refundable) Once this process is complete you will have the option of paying in full immediately or opting for the payment plan, which will be $500 monthly installments on the 11th of December, January, February, and March.  Payment plan options will only be available during the month of November.  All payments must be paid within 48 hours of receiving your invoice.  We will try our very best to process your paperwork and conduct interviews as quickly as possible so you can begin booking the travel necessities around your trip. Deposits are held at booking whether you pay in full or if you choose to opt for the payment plan option.  Please be certain you intend on following through with going to the retreat and be sure to consider all of your travel plans and plant medicine protocols before booking.  There is absolutely no exceptions to recieving a refund on the deposit fee if you decide to cancel at any time, even if it is an unforeseen circumstance or emergency. Please understand that destination retreats require a lot of planning and non-refundable pre-payments are made in order to secure venues and put things in motion. There is high interest and very little availability. This deposit insures your commitment to attend.  If you cancel it may be too late for someone else who wanted to attend to make  arrangements necessary to go. You must cancel before December 15, 2023 to receive all but your deposit back.  If you cancel after December 15th, 2023 those who paid in full will receive $1500 back and those on the payment plan will receive $0 back.  If you cancel after January 15th, 2023 those who paid in full will receive $1000 back and those on the payment plan will receive $0 back.  If you cancel after February 15th, 2023,  those who paid in full receive $500 back and those on the payment plan will receive $0 back.  Any cancellations after March 15th will only be eligible for $500 refund. This applies to cancellations that happen last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, sorry no exceptions!  After March 15th please know that all payments are in place in expectation for your arrival and that money cannot be recouped. You can transfer your booking to a friend upon approval that they meet all the protocols for attending a plant medicine retreat.  There will be a waiver form on the booking page that you will need to agree to.  Please read it carefully at booking as it outlines all of these points and more.


DO NOT BOOK FLIGHTS OR OTHER TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR INTERVIEW PROCESS There is currently no requirement for a Covid vaccine or negative Covid test to get into Costa Rica from the USA.  US citizens are not required to have a Covid vaccine or negative Covid test to get back into the USA.  You will be responsible for purchasing your own airline ticket to arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica so you can be picked up by a shuttle at 9:00 am on Saturday April 15, 2023 at the Adventure Inn Hotel. Adventure Inn is a great hotel to kick off and end your stay if you get to Costa Rica early or need an extra night before departure. They are highly rated on tripadvisor, have a cute pool and breakfast is included, they also have free airport transfers!  Follow this link to book a room and receive 10% off , they have group rooms and single rooms available. Whether or not you decide to stay at Adventure Inn, this will be the pick up point for all retreat participants.  If you are unable to make it on time you will need to find your own way to Puerto Viejo, a 4.5 hour drive from San Jose. The shuttle will stop for a one hour lunch on the way and you can expect to arrive to the retreat center by 3:00 pm.  Booking travel outside of the shuttle offered is your responsibility.  Discounts are not offered if you choose not to take the provided shuttle.


Shortly after booking you will be sent a questionnaire for a medical history and have an interview with Jana, our ceremony facilitator to be sure that you do not have any contraindications in being able to work with Ayahuasca.  She will determine if you are able to participate in the ceremonies and allow you to move forward with travel arrangements.  Please know that you MUST abstain from any kind of drugs or alcohol for at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat, which includes many kinds of perception drugs. (Tobacco and cannabis are ok) Ayahuasca can cause very serious adverse effects if mixed with certain chemicals.  So please be honest during your evaluation.  Jana will help you navigate the best way to be sure your physical, mental, and spiritual being is ready to do this type of deep, integral work.  In Santo Daime, there are not as strict of protocols with your diet, but there are  some suggested dietary guidelines that will help in allowing a smoother integration with the medicine, like cutting out processed foods, sugars, fermented foods, salts, and oils. Necessary information needed to prepare will be given to you as we get closer to the retreat.  We take your safety and the safety of the group very seriously!


All rooms are shared rooms with shared beds.  There is one XL King sized bed in every bungalow, which will house 2 persons each.  The bed is large enough to have two people sleep on one bed with plenty of room between them.  You are encouraged to find a friend to share a bungalow with.  If you do not have a roommate, one will be assigned to you before your arrival to the retreat venue.  There will be a WhatsApp group thread for open communications with all retreat attendees where you might be able to arrange for a roommate.  Email Judea at to register your roommate arrangements.  


Please be respectful, speak kindly, and be mindful of your energy and actions towards others during this retreat. This group will consist of people coming in from all different areas, seeking healing for different reasons.  You as participants are just as much a part of holding the container as the facilitators.  Everyone has their own process, and the plant medicine and other healing modalities offered may amplify or reveal things that were not expected.  This can sometimes be a difficult and emotional process for people in the moment, and for the days following.  Though there are well trained and informed practitioners on hand to support you and others, please know we do not judge others or interfere without permission as they go through their process. We hold everyone in a light of compassion and love, and exercise patience if we encounter challenging moments, as we are all here to support each other for greater healing and wellness.  Please conduct yourself with continuous awareness of others, and mindfulness of yourself. Please do not break the plant medicine protocol while exploring Puerto Viejo.  The use of alcohol or drugs during the 6 day retreat will not be tolerated and may result in you being excluded from the ceremonies and/or other activities.  The plant medicine is still very much doing work on you after the actual ceremony days.  It is important that you honor its intelligent healing process and keep your system clear so that you may have a smooth and effective integration.

Booking opens on November 11, at 11:11am PST, 2022

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