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"Judea is a modern day Sorceress. She has the ability to navigate through both the darkness and the light, scooping up knowledge from the vast beyond. Her life is one of artful magic and syncronisities and she sees all for exactly what it is. I rely on Judea to help me see the truth and find clarity when I find myself in a fog, because as I said, nothing sneaks past her. I feel fortunate to know Judea and witness her art, insight and ability to shift and read energy and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and be worked on by her. To treat yourself to a reading with her is an act of self love that is addicting. She has an alignment and personal relationship with spirit and is a true visionary and healer. She is the embodiment of magic!"

~Patty D.

"It’s taken me several months just to digest my experience, healing, and the following transformation that has ensued. I still can’t believe what a miracle you are. You were able to see my true higher self amidst all the trauma and karmic imprints I was carrying around enshrouding my essence, removed and healed them, all the while being as easy going and familiar as a loving and tender soul sister. That one lifetime you were able to see so clearly and detailed it was like you were there actually reliving the events with me, and I never told you about it, and that I’ve been so deeply troubled by it this whole life. That’s far out, but the fact that you were able to call in my guides and literally "psychically surgery" that soul wound that has held me back every single lifetime is beyond...words. Everyone needs to work with you. Since our healing session, my life has completely transformed. My debilitating self-worth issues have been lifted, I can breathe finally (from the correction in my heart), and my manifestations are actually materializing! I feel like the story of Job honestly, where every area of my life that was formerly fail has now either already transformed into Win or is currently transforming in that direction. All of these shifts have been relatively effortless as well. I just needed to be realigned, and once that occurred, thanks to you, I became in alignment to my Destiny and the downstream path that naturally is. You lifted the illusions and trauma that were making life an upstream journey for me. And I can’t thank you enough..."

~Jaecinta H.

"Judea is truly gifted with a unique ability to see within a person to the deepest wells of their own special being, diving deep beyond this life to past lives and even communications with the spirit realm. In the several sessions I have had the wonderful opportunity to have with Judea, she has guided me towards clarity of present conflict, clearing of past trauma and negativity and thoughtful predictions of the future which aided me to feel present, whole, connected and awakened when said future eventually met up the present. As a body worker, I feel confident stating that Judea provides a full spectrum of healing in every way imaginable. Do yourself the favor of booking a session with her, you will not regret it. Thank you for YOU, Judea! "

~Candice L.

"Judea has the amazing ability to see our energies as people beyond our physical bodies.  We go through life transferring energy between people and our experiences bad or good.  Judea has the capacity to see this and help us process our energy to be more clear and connected to ourselves.  Through sessions I  had with her I have gained great insight of myself to allow myself to heal and proceed through  life in a much more connected way.  She has given me the tools and insight I needed to move forward in a more positive light.  Patterns in life are hard to break and so are addictions to energy or people good or toxic. She has helped me see and gain strength to let go and trust myself and be empowered enough to do so.  I am so thankful."

~Marianna V.

"Judea does amazing work. I decided to ask for a session, sensing her prowess from the quality of her presence and from her words about it. My experience surpassed my expectations~~I didn't expect such profound physical as well as emotional and spiritual effects from the work. I have been singing her praises since and plan another session as well."

~Adrienne M.

"Judea is a human spirit guide that can navigate in all realms, she can see and remove the obstacles that can block our highest inner vision and outer manifestations in this life. She has a simple yet profound route to remove blockages that no longer serve us. A session may include multi modalities all catered to what she sees upon sitting with you. Her gift to help others comes so naturally that you feel the work happening the moment you sit down with her. Sometimes as in all healing modalities, the session will unfold as the days pass, giving you an even deeper sense of healing and understanding on what she was able to shift and remove to create a more balanced energy within and in your life around you."

~Karilily M.

"I have known Judea for many years, and I have always known that she has the ability to see the energy emanating from us all. Although I knew of this, I was still amazed by the power of our session. Having Judea turn her gaze upon me and look at my chakras directly was a very illuminating experience. I felt that I understood the message that she was relating to me in my core. Since our session, I have felt energetically balanced in a way that has helped me to distinguish some of the things that cause me stress rather than simply reacting to them. With this knowledge, I feel like I can face my challenges in a more clear and positive way. Judea also left me with ideas and visualizations to help keep all of my chakras resonating strongly so that I can come closer to living in harmony and synchronicity with my desires."

~Kathy Y.

"My experience with Judea was life altering. I was stuck in a terrible rut and her ability to vision to me where I was, where I wanted to go and how to get there launched me on a path of tremendous healing and inspiration. She is the real deal, blessed with the gift of vision and integrity, able to sit with the dark and find the light. I am so grateful to her!"

~Laura C.

"I am so grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to meet her and experience such a profound and insightful session. I really did not know what to expect, but I am SO glad she suggested we record our session before starting, because it has been extremely beneficial for me to go back and listen again. There are things she told me and revealed that at that moment may not have made complete sense, but now I can reference back and understand the full meanings of, especially over time to reaffirm them.  I have had additional readings by several intuitives after her, but she has been the best and most accurate reading I have experienced. She has a no-nonsense way about her and speaking to her is like picking up where things left off with an old friend. Her high vibration is infectious and you can't help but feel relaxed and at ease as she takes you through uncovering your energy, reading and accessing your chakras while providing spiritual insight. She goes through each one (front and back might I add which was something new to me!) and really thoroughly describes all that she is able to sense, read and divinely download. Then finally comes the chakra balancing to conclude the session. We had an hour and a half, but it felt like it went by so quickly! I was trying to absorb everything she was telling me, but again if you can remember I highly suggest recording your session just for this very reason."

~Vera V.​

"I highly recommend getting a psychic reading and sound therapy session here. Judea's reading was powerful and completely accurate. The atmosphere of her studio is so calming, beautiful, and full of positive energy. She helped me clear some heavy blocks that I've carried for awhile. I feel clear, strong, and a sense of inner peace. Thank you so much for the amazing experience! I will definitely be making another appointment in the future."

Loretta F.

"What a beautiful connected soul Judea is. My heart is full and open after our session, I am lighter and aware of how my blockages were effecting me, more aware of how to clear and heal them. Jude felt safe and in tune. She took my breath away with insights and words of wisdom. She was strong and present when a powerful spirit from my past came through. I'm so thankful for my time with her.  Looking forward to another session with you."

~Sara N.

"Judea is the real deal Holyfield when it comes to psychic ability! I've had several readings from different people throughout the years and no one has ever even begun to touch the level of pure gift that this woman has. She can describe someone she's never met in intimate detail, I bet she could even smell them! I've hired her twice and would over and over- incredible!"

~Susana L.

"Align and Shine Kaui'i is the truth! I could not recommend a better intuitive Shaman for peace, tranquility, and soul tuning. I highly recommend the sound therapy... it will really revitalize mind, body, and spirit."

~Ame B.

"This is a wonderful healing place.  Using a variety of modalities to tune in, balance, and inform, Judea has it all.  Her abilities to identify vibrations and imbalances is lead by her gifts of visualization and years of experience in a variety of realms.  She is a unique and gifted healer.  Recommended by those who are open to their next level of enlightenment.  An enjoyable experience!"

~Patty V.

"Judea is absolutely amazing!!! The first time we met, without telling her ANYTHING, she was so spot on that it was almost unbelievable! I have had several sessions with her and have always left feeling lighter and more empowered than when I arrived! Whenever I get to Kaua'i again, I will definitely consider time with her absolutely essential!  No matter what you have going on, she can help."

~Joe G.

"Where to begin... Judea will open you up,  and help you remember your true essence.  I was in a cloud of Joy after our reading.  It was like all of the mundane details that weigh us down lifted and I was able to see my true self, with love, compassion, insight and non judgement.  Truly this is how I felt afterwards!  It was euphoric. She also gave me such incredible visual tools to meditate on to help with staying grounded and to combat anxiety.  Apart from all of that she is super psychic! She gets right to it, and even looking back now after almost a year from our first reading I'm still so impressed on how she just picked up things instantly...with zero doubt and pure knowing. She's a treasure and gift, and if you're thinking about having a reading then treat yourself and go with Judea.  It will truly open you up and change you!"

~Adrienne R.

"I've had many psychic readings and healings over the years. What impressed me most about Judea is that she's a very clear channel, and doesn't seem bogged down by any particular school of thought or accepted parameters of what a reading should look like. I acquired powerful information during my reading that others never accessed, and it provided much needed clarity about who I am and where I come from.  I also hired her to help a friend connect with her recently deceased husband, and it was a very profound and healing experience for my friend."

~Dr. Pat K.

"This woman is simply amazing, hands down bonafide, real deal!  I am lucky enough to have shared the same neighborhood for a while with her, and was witness to multiple friends having these spiritual experiences with Judea. Healing and enlightening everyone that she gave readings and sound healing to. I have had the humble honor to have several sessions with her and was able to get in touch with spiritual entities, have an intimate chakra reading and she ended the session with  a sound healing on each chakra using tuning forks to help release the energy that she is able to actually see with her blessed eyes and soul. This woman is a true healer and seer. If you are lucky enough to be on Kaua'i .... GO SEE HER !!!"

~Angela G.

"I was lucky enough to have a reading & healing session with Jude. She was able to access, acknowledge, work through & release trauma that I'd purposely buried deep long ago (thought I'd forgot about) & that had been subtlety effecting my life in vast negative ways. I was truly blown away by her clear ability to perceive & alleviate my personal blockages. I walked away from our session with new tools to manage my energy & feeling 110% clear, vibrant & motivated! I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a meeting if possible. You will not be disappointed!!!"

~Elizabeth A.

"I did a healing session with Judea and must say i was surprised in such a good way it felt positively reassuring. Healing my spirit has always been a struggle for me in ways that left me feeling lost or loss of hope. Judea  was able to see the things i couldnt, present them in a loving light so I felt comfortable letting go with confidence. She also surprised me with how straight forward she was about the negative and with all the good things she saw in/with me (not how i was feeling at the time). She also reminded me of the amazing strenghts i posses in life while tuning and balancing my energies.  Its been almost 2 years since our session and I still feel its positive resonance in my life. Although life has its twists, its nice to just let go feel healed sometimes."

~Jaylyn B.

"What a cleansing and uplifting experience!!! Jude is so amazing, I am so grateful it really helped me clear out some old energy and fill up with amazing light peace and love left feeling so refreshed!! I am so thankful i cant wait for my next appointment!"

~Aliea B.

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