Upon arriving to my studio you will find yourself in a thoughtfully designed and serene sanctuary of spiritual healing.  You will be offered a cup of hot tea or filtered water while you settle yourself down for the energy healing session. The first hour is an in-depth conversation with me about the holding patterns in your energy field and how they relate to the events that may be going on in your life.  This is all unveiled from an intuitive perspective.  I will assess where and how your energy should be moved in order to reconnect you to your highest potential.  From there you will lay on a comfortable table and receive a personalized sound healing according to your specific energetic needs assisted by aromatherapy sprays, color therapy, and sound healing instruments such as tuning forks, bells, chimes, gongs, and Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls.   From there you leave with deeper insight about your journey, feel energetically lighter, with a great sense of inner peace, and more in tune with your true self. After, feel free to stroll just a minute walk to the beach and ground out in the sand or ocean, soaking in the beautiful oceanic landscape of Kaua'i.



I am an energy healer.  My goal is to clear your spirit-body of negative impact.  These energies could be, but are not limited to, spirit attachments, emotional traumas, sickness, experiences from other lifetimes, and toxic cording from people in your life. Cording is the connective energy between you and everyone you know.  Each person is totally unique in the way they carry energy.


(I do not predict the future, but I can sometimes sense themes of a potential path.)  





This work is always exploitative, as each experience is unique.  The information received during a session is likely most pertinent for you and your healing at that particular moment in time.


All cultures, time eras, and even planets have relevance in the psychic realms.  My visions cross all boundaries and belief systems. Having an open mind is essential.


Limit your expectations.  What your ego thinks is important to address may not be what your higher self knows is important to address.


Be prepared to let go of anything that no longer serves your higher purpose.


Relax!  There is no judgement here.  You will be in a safe, healing environment.  If intimate details about you are shared, I can assure you they will remain confidential.




Once old energy is removed, it is gone forever.  Most people feel much lighter and refreshed immediately after a session, but know there are deeper layers of energy that will eventually surface in order to be healed. New outside energy may also come into play in various ways.  I can help you polish your aura, but it's up to you to maintain and strengthen it.  It takes practice and discipline to be resilient to unwanted energy and tune in to when new layers are ready to move.  


Clearing energetic blocks will allow optimal energy flow and you'll likely see a positive reflection in the days and weeks following our session through dreams, manifestations, clearer thinking, better moods, vitality, optimism, and more.