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Kathmandu, Nepal

October 14 ~ 29, 2023


I am beyond thrilled to present to you an opportunity to embark on a spiritually focused journey with me to Kathmandu, Nepal. This retreat was thoughtfully curated to offer you a deeply immersive experience in exploring Kathmandu and the surrounding areas.  You will be nourished by beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, exquisite artistry, and deeply enriching culture.  You will be able to experience the mystical energies of some of the most powerful healing portal sites in the world, and learn of spiritual teachings directly from those who have dedicated their lives to mastering these ancients practices.

Meet Jarka

None of this would be possible if it weren't for this magical woman here.  I cannot believe my good fortune in aligning with her, as she is the visionary that has been the mind, eyes, ears, and heart of creating this retreat.  I am honored that she felt the call to give her energy to this collaboration and help manifest this once in a lifetime adventure for us.  

Some of the beauty to be seen in Nepal


Our Accommodations


Our home base will be the beautiful Kopan Nunnery, where each of us will have our own private room and bathroom with western toilets and hot showers.  Most of our meals will be provided by the nunnery, prepared and served by the nuns, and are vegetarian and nourishing. Our group will have 24/7 access to our very own Gompa (Meditation Hall), and we will have the pleasure of beginning and ending every day listening to the beautiful Buddhist chants by the nuns.  We will also have a very nice tour bus at our disposal for the entire retreat that will be our means of transportation to all of the amazing sites we will be visiting.

Tentative Schedule


Please understand that even with the best intentions, it is difficult to keep a schedule exactly as it was written. Things may shift and there will likely need to be adjustments in the flow of the moment, but for now, this is what we are hoping to achieve during our visit to Nepal.  The actual retreat dates are confirmed.

Sorry, Booking is closed.

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