As a young child I exhibited strong artistic talents. It has always been a form of therapy for me. As an adult, my art has been a way for me to process my spiritual experiences.  It gave me a platform to make my visions more tangible and show others what it was that I see.  


When I was 9 years old I was gifted my first instrument, an electric keyboard. I was told that I had a natural talent for music as I was able to teach myself how to play by ear.  In school I learned to play as many different instruments as they would allow me, and began composing songs as soon as I could put notes together.  I found the power of sound and music to be a healing tool and try to convey that energy in my music. These songs have been written, recorded, and produced by me in my home studio. Thank you for looking and listening!


The crown was written right when the Covid-19 pandemic threw the world into a fear based reality.  I wrote this song as a way to channel my feelings around our collective experience, offering poetic insight into how I perceived this event as an opportunity for growth, ultimately guiding us to a deeper spiritual awakening across the planet.


I wrote this song after a life altering spiritual experience that defined a major shifting point in my life.  If you would like to hear the story that inspired the song, I share it at the 1:00:00 mark of  "Astral Projection & Ghost Stories 2" Spirit Speakers Podcast episode 28.

"Polihale" ~ Digital Art ~ 2009



I wrote this song after a month long trip to Peru in March 2021.  It was inspired by the many soul retrievals I've facilitated over the years, the most potent of which happened during my trip to Peru.  The song is meant to be medicine, to guide the listener through their very own soul retrieval.  You can find out more about soul retrievals from episode 32 on Spirit Speakers Podcast.


In 2016 I moved to Big Island Hawai'i and had the honor of deepening my connection to Pele's powerful presence.  I feel she helped me burn away the old energies I still carried that were holding me back from being in true alignment with my highest potential. I created this image just a month before the lava flow of 2018 that shook all of lower Puna.  It was because of this profound event that I relocated to the island of Kaua'i.  I finally understood what it truly means to "surrender to the flow". Once I adopted this way of being, my life began unfolding in magical ways. Let go and trust in where the universe wants to guide you.

"Aloha Pele Ma" ~ Digital Art ~ 2018