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chakra healing

Please note that for 2024, I am drastically reducing my availability to make room for other projects.  There will be other opportunities to join me for sound baths, retreats, and classes!  Please join my mailing list to stay informed.

  If there are no appointments available on the scheduler below, then they have ALL been booked out.  You will have to join my mailing list to get notified for when the 2025 calendar opens up.

PLEASE ONLY BOOK 1 APPOINTMENT PER PERSON FOR 2024. I have very limited availability in 2024 and I would like everyone to have an opportunity to get in.  If you book more than one, and I have to cancel your extra bookings, you will be charged $25 cancellation fee per appointment to cover the your credit card fees that I cannot recoup.

If you end up cancelling your appointment at any time, there will be a $50 cancellation fee withheld from your refund.  If you cancel less that 48 hours in advance there will be a $100 cancellation fee withheld from your refund.

Thank you for your understanding,
Do you need support now, or continued support after our session?  Please check out my referral list of recommended practitioners of the healing arts.
Are you in the healing arts?
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