chakra healing
Aloha friends~

In person sessions & phone sessions for 2023 are now available!  Here are some things to know before moving forward with booking.

I have big plans for 2023! There will be potential opportunities to meet with me in person, as I will be traveling to do in person sessions, group sound baths, and hosting a few retreats.  If you are in the schedule and I end up in your area, please know that you can easily change your booking to see me in person or attend a retreat. Just let me know and I will credit your payment towards the new booking.  The cities and countries I will be hosting at will be announced as things become more solidified in my planning.

Appointments are prepaid, and fill fast!  I am only allowing bookings up to 6 months in advance, so new appointments will be opening every few days after that.  It is better to book now and cancel later if the timing is not in flow for you.  You will receive a full refund if your cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance.  You can always reschedule to another available slot from your booking confirmation page. 

I no longer hold a cancellation list. (Mostly because people rarely cancel.) Please note if someone cancels, their slot is automatically put back on the available bookings, so I'm leaving it up to fate/diving timing to get you in earlier.  As I solidify my travel plans more appointments may become available on the booking page.  Check back once and again to see if an earlier appointment pops up!

I'm sorry but Gift cards and bulk appointment packages will no longer be offered.

I have learned a great deal about how important it is to manage my personal life around my work, and in 2022 I have overwhelmed myself by booking too many appointments and fitting people in on top of what I already do.  I want to continue to be available to do this work held in health, happiness, and gratitude, so please understand I will not be fitting in extra appointments outside of what is available on my booking page.  I very much appreciate your understanding as I learn to navigate finding balance in my service and personal life.  Thank your support and interest in what I do.

Mahalo (Thank you) ~