I was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1981. My family moved to the United States where I grew up along the St. Lawrence River in northern New York State until 1999.  I am half South Korean and of French Canadian and Scottish descent. I spent my latter youth traveling the USA until I found myself calling northern California home.  I lived throughout the state of Hawai'i off and on since 2005 and now permanently reside on the island of Kaua'i.


I'm often called a "Jude Of All Trades" by the  people who know me well.  I am naturally creative and excel at the arts. Creation through visionary art and music are two of my passions and outside of spirit work I am often occupied by a creative project.  My art and music often reflect my visions, insights, and experiences.


I woke up to the full potential of  my psychic abilites in the year 2000.  I had a Kundalini Awakening where the veils between dimensions were dissolved.  I could see from the darkest and densest realms to the most high God-Light, and everything you can imagine in between.  I could hear the Earth and all her components speaking to me, along with communicating with a multitude of spirit entities from all vibrational frequencies, of our world and beyond.  It is like seeing multiple energetic realities on top of our own.  I am mesmerised and in awe of what I encounter on a regular basis, and have learned how to navigate my existence in this expanded reality within the normal every day.


Although I have had, and continue to explore different modalities and teachings, it is really through the divine and serendipitous unfolding of events throughout my life that I learned to understand my visions.   I have been told by other intuitives that I cannot be taught, as I came here with abilities and a knowing that is unique to my own.  Though I have found truth to that statement, I could not have refined my technique without  the help of at least a few influential people along the way.  My techniques are ever-evolving as I strive to have the healing be as potent and insightful of an experience as possible. Every session/reading is a learning experience in itself.  Each session strengthens my bond to the spirit realms and the language we speak becomes more fluent with time.


Some of my abilities include:



I see nonphysical realities and dimensions, surrounding energies, and auras.



I connect with departed souls who have crossed over, as well as earth-bound spirits, spirit guides, animal totems, and entities of varying vibrational incarnations.



I hear dialogue and sounds from other dimensional planes.  This includes residual sounds from this reality.



I see events from the past, and from other lifetimes.



I "feel" energy as though it were in physical form.



I pick up information from physical locations, touching objects, or by looking at photographs.



I sense immediate and instinctive insights that escape the normal thought process.